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Transport Geography (Second Revised Edition)

Transport Geography (Second Revised Edition)

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Author:H M Saxena
ISBN 13:9788131612552

About the Book

Transportation is a measure of relations between different areas and is, therefore, an essential aspect of geography. The present book on transport geography provides a review of the major spatial aspects of transport systems, coupled with a detailed analysis of transport networks and problems arising in urban areas, and an evaluation of the major environmental and policy issues generated by contemporary transport systems. The book begins with introduction to transport geography, modes of transport, pattern of movement and development of transport systems. Then, it goes on to discuss structural analysis of transport networks, urban transport and transport economics. It also examines the impact on environment, role in development as well as aspects related to transportation planning. Finally, the pattern of international and national transport has been described. In this second edition, more emphasis has been given on network analysis and pattern of world transportation. New facts and figures about transport in India have also been incorporated. All the aspects of transport geography are discussed in brief with suitable examples. Giving a comprehensive coverage of the field of transport geography, this book will serve the needs of students and research scholars. It will also be of value to those having a general but serious interest in transport planning and management. CONTENTS • Transport Geography: An Introduction • The Modes of Transport and Spatial Patterns of Movement (Flow) • Development of Transport Systems • Transport Networks, Measures of Connectivity and Accessibility • Urban Transport • Transport Economics • Environmental Effects of Transport • Role of Transport in Development • Transportation Planning • World Transportation Pattern • Transport in India ABOUT THE AUTHOR / EDITOR H.M. Saxena, a senior geographer and a member of Rajasthan College Education Service since 1967, served as a Lecturer, Head of the Postgraduate Department of Geography, Principal and finally Joint Director, College Education, Government of Rajasthan. Dr Saxena is the author of many books, notable among them are Economic Geography, Marketing Geography, Environmental Geography, Environmental Management, Dictionary of Physical Geography and Geography of Rajasthan.