Transformation through ‘Thinking’ Positive
Dr Ashutosh Karnatak
  • ISBN : 9789353227531
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Positive is one of the basic requisites for living a good and fulfilling life. With this book, I have tried to touch upon the idea of Thinking Positive and how it may lead to the development of a positive society, positive India and a positive universe as a whole. The book is intended to help employ a positive approach, not only in professional life but in day-to-day life as well. The intention to bring out this book is to disseminate positive thinking among the masses so that they can face the challenges of this competitive world happily and without stress. The book intends to take the reader to a journey to reinvent self to think in a positive manner in all circumstances. ‘A time has come to develop Generation (P3) i.e. Positive, Proactive & Progressive required for sustainable development of the country.’ —Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Contents Foreword —Pgs. 7 Introduction —Pgs. 11 1. Power of Thinking Positive —Pgs. 17 2. Negative Thinking —Pgs. 31 Negative Thinking and Its Impact —Pgs. 33 Negative Thoughts Cause Mental Corrosion —Pgs. 39 Are You a Positive or Negative Thinker? —Pgs. 45 3. Positivity —Pgs. 51 Doctrine of Positivity —Pgs. 53 Gandhiji’s Formula for Positivity —Pgs. 56 Hanuman Syndrome —Pgs. 61 Mental Positivism —Pgs. 65 Scientific Aspects of Positivity —Pgs. 72 4. Transformation Journey —Pgs. 81 Positive winning Personality —Pgs. 83 Winning Personality Attributes —Pgs. 89 A step towards Thinking Positive —Pgs. 93 Power of Magnetic Positive Words —Pgs. 109 Delta Transformation —Pgs. 119 Thinking Patterns —Pgs. 125 Transformation in a 21-Day Therapy —Pgs. 139 Transformation-Negative to Positive Thinking —Pgs. 155 5. Real life experiences of Thinking Positive —Pgs. 165 6. My experiences on Positive thoughts —Pgs. 195 7. Our Vision on Positivity —Pgs. 217 8. Inspiring Positive Quotes —Pgs. 225