Trans Himalayan Buddhism
G K Lama
  • ISBN 13 : 9789395276085
  • year : 2023
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
The Trans Himalayas Mountain Region or Tibetan Himalayan Region is located to the north of the Great Himalayas which consists of Karakoram, Ladakh, Zanskar and Kailash mountain ranges. The countries lies in Trans Himalayan region are Nepal, Bhutan; China occupied Tibet and China itself. Indian states and union territories like Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Mizoram, Sikkim, and Darjeeling (West Bengal) are the part of this region. This mysterious region always attracted saints and ascetics of various cults. How and when Buddhism spread in this region where human survival is very tough and challenging, how Buddhism attracted the barbaric community of this region, are the interesting topics discussed in this volume. About the Author: Dr. G. K. Lama, Professor, Department of AllIC & Archaeology, Centre of Advanced Study, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, having specialization in the field of Archaeology, Buddhism and Asian Studies, has 26 books in his credit namely Tibet Ment Bauddha Dharma Ka Itihas-2004; Samyak Darshan- 2004; Cultural Heritage of South-East Asia-2009; Indus to Ganges-2009; Pakkakot: Some New Archaeological Dimensions of Mid-Ganga Plain- 2012; Buddhist Cave Temples of Ancient India-2013; A Buddhist Universe-2016; An Archaeological Journey of Nalanda-2018; Art Heritage of Nalanda- 2018; India: A Journey from Lithic to Iron-2019; Footprints of the Buddha on the Roof of the World- 2020, Glimpses of North-East India-2021, Indian Culture through the Ages-2021, Revealing India's Past-2021, Buddhism on the Silk Route-2022, Mysterious World of Siddhas-2022, The Cult of Adamantine Path-2022, Buddhism A Living Spiritual Force-2022, Indian Archaeology Some New Perspectives-2022, Glimpses of Asian Art Heritage- 2023, Indian History A Multidisciplinary Approach- 2023, Fusion of Indian Culture on Asia-2023, Unique Features of Buddhist Monasteries-2023, Unending Journey of Indian Culture-2023, Mahayana Sutra Samgraha-2023, and Cultural Heritage of Nepal- 2023. He has presented 67 research papers in various National and International seminars and 113 research papers have been published in various reputed journals, edited books, conference proceedings and felicitation volumes. He has completed a Major Research Project entitled Archaeological Investigation in and around Nalanda, granted by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi, which was submitted in 2014. The author has also completed 16 projects regarding archacological investigations in Sikkim, Eastern and Western UP and Bihar with the kind permission of Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi. He has invited twice to Sri Lanka and once to Thailand to deliver special lectures.