TRADITION, IDENTITY AND DIVERSITY: The Future of Indigenous Cultures in a Globalised World
Edited by Dr Rabindranath Sarma
  • ISBN : 9788170196808
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Preface/Prof. Ulo Valk. Acknowledgement. List of Contributors. 1.Tradition, Identity and Diversity: The Future of Indigenous Culture/Rabindranth Sarma 2.Indigenous and Globalization/Emmanuel Barla 3.Role of Media in the Empowerment of the Bodo Culture of Assam/larlie Brahma 4.The Identity of the Women of Manipur in South-East Asia/Ch.Sheerlaramani 5.Role of cultural habitations for strengthen of socio-economic scenario in a global context: a case study/Darshana Goswami, Santanu Changkakoty 6.Culture-Specific Terms and Ideas of the Indigenous Tribal Nagas from the North-Eastern Region of India/Jano L.Sekhose 7.The Changing Phases of Corpse Disposal in Meitei Society/Rajkumari Musuksana 8.Major Features of the Indigenous Naga Tribes from the North-Eastern Region of India/Erali Swu...... Tradition, Identity and Diversity- The Future of Indigenous Cultures in a Globalised World- is an edited book of Dr. Rabindranath Sarma. This book is full of field based material deals with indigenous Culture of India. All authors of articles are academically bright. The Content of articles are from disciplines like cultural studies, Floklore, Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, Social History, Ethnography, Philosophy, Religion,Women Studies, human Rights etc. This book will be helpful for the above mentioned subjects and also students of various competitive examinations