Tractors And Agricultural Machinery: 2nd Fully Revised And Updated Edition
  • ISBN : 9789385516108
  • year : 2016
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This fully revised and updated second edition contains updated information on working of different subassemblies that make a tractor. Uses of tractor for various agricultural and non agricultural operations are vividly described. Besides, updates are also incorporated on various implements, equipment and machinery developed in India for different agricultural operations, viz,. land preparation, sowing/planting, weeding, plant protection, harvest threshing, post harvest and agro-processing. Information on agriculture relation sections like special tools and equipment used in horticulture, water lifting devices, calibration of seed drills has also been given. The first edition was widely used as a standard reference book for graduate students in agricultural engineering and regular engineering colleges. The present edition would also serve the same purpose and can be used as a ready reference for the teaching staff in educational institutions and testing institutions, extension workers, scientists and farmers