Towards Pedestrian-Friendly Neighbourhoods
Meenakshi Singhal
  • ISBN : 9789383419791
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The virtues of walking are being widely acknowledged in the international forums. As a consequence, walking is being promoted as a trustworthy measure and a sustainable transport option in the endeavor of the global community to fight the traffic menace as also its associated health risks and environmental repercussions. However, promoting walking along major road networks or developing certain fully pedestrianized road stretches is a timid response to the overriding agenda of the current times. Walking must become a way of life engulfing all in a single stride. What else may be better suited than our immediate physical environments – our neighbourhoods, which have the potential to make an impeccable impression on all categories of populace. This book is all about promoting walking in the neighbourhoods of Indian cities through amelioration of built environments. The book shall be extremely useful for the researchers, city administrators, policy makers and all built environment professionals who are attempting to make the Indian cities more livable and people-friendly.