Towards a Theology of Universality : John Wesley\'s Socio-Economic, Political and Moral Insights on British Class and Indian Caste Distinctions
Rev. Dr. Joseph Basappa Suray
  • ISBN : 9789351480112
  • year : 2015
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Theology is a Universal phenomenon, which can be developed by anyone, from any where to explore relationships with God and fellow beings, in order to address any issue relating to human rights and dignity. `Theology of Universality' is a power, a power for those who have been politically oppressed economically exploited and socially discriminated since ages in the past, to enable them to see a common ground for a common humanity. It is to empower the powerless, to be united for a common cause irrespective of their caste/class, colour, creed and religion. The Book examines Theology of Universality from a Christian perspective in general, with a special focus on John Wesley's Theology. It is an attempt to unfold his theological convictions, which inspired him to develop his theological response to the Class Distinctions in Society and the slave trade to particular during the Eighteenth Century. Further, it unfolds Wesley's Theology in Indian context, to see how it can be put to action to confront the evils like Status quo: Caste Discrimination in Social, Economic, Political and Religious chains of Hinduism. Therefore, Universal implications are drawn from Wesley's Theology of justice, love, compassion, equality, human dignity and image of God to the Indian context. Thus the Author presents a broad solution to have a common humanity so that everyone can live with dignity. It is also a Universal torch that projects a light that will enshrine any sensible person in India to be a positive voice to talk about God. It encourages them to understand that human dignity is the right of all to the `Liberated HARI-JANAS' transformed children of God in the modern Indian society.