Tibetan-Russian-English Dictionary with Sanskrit Parallels (2 Volumes)
Y N Roerich, Edited by Y Parfionovich and V Dylykova
  • ISBN : 9788194085010
  • year : 2019
  • language : Tibetan & Russian
  • binding : Hardbound
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This dictionary by George N. Roerich was edited posthumously by Parfionovich and Dylykova, as a valuable guide to Classical Tibetan. It is a vade mecum to translate Tibetan historical and philosophical texts. It has new words which are not found in the dictionaries of J„schke and S.C. Das. Roerich could not find words and expressions while translating the Blue Annals into English. He had to access traditional scholars like Gendun Chomphel from Tibet and Sanggye from Buryatia who interpreted the Annals in terms of language and its terse style that presupposes traditional learning. This dictionary is to facilitate the understanding of classical vocabulary. The entries are precise and lead the reader to the central concept of the word. It is an outcome of the life-long experience of George Roerich, supplemented by the two editors who had access to the Buryat heritage of Tibetan. This compact edition in two bindings will be a ready reference for all Tibetanists. The original edition was a rare even when published in the 1980s. This English Pali Dictionary includes the English renderings given in the Pali-English dictionaries of T.W. Rhys Davids and William Stede (1921) as well as in the Critical Pali Dictionary begun by Trenckner and edited by Dines Andersen and others. It is the first lexical effort to represent Classical Pali semantics in English word order. The English-Pali dictionaries compiled in SE Asia have neologisms or meanings assigned by popular local usage. The authenticity of meanings in their textual usage is assured herein. It is the first dictionary exclusively based on Pali literature, as interpreted by modern comparative linguistic studies. It will serve worldwide Pali scholarship, besides monastic Pali studies in the Theravada countries of SE Asia.