Threatened Flora & Fauna of Punjab
Jatinder Kaur Arora and Gurharminder Singh
  • ISBN 13 : 9789394991231
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
In the book, a disquisition on threatened flora and fauna of the State of Punjab, is an effort to kindle enthusiasm for delving into realms of nature s bounty, receiving nurturing from it as well as giving the same back. The information on key attributes and array of other aspects about threatened species has been presented in a well rounded manner by interspersing with more than 100 photographs, not only of threatened species but also of other key facets of biodiversity of Punjab. The book is precious resource for those desirous of knowing about and contributing towards diversity of biological resources. Contents: Foreword. Prologue. 1. Roheda - The Blooming Beauty Desert Teak : Tecomella undulata. 2. The Button tree: Anogeissus Sericea. 3. Sweet Alyce Clover: Alysicarpus bupleurifolius. 4. Khappar Kaddu - Nature s Tumbi : Ceropegia bulbosa. 5. The Indian Cheese Maker: Withania Coagulans. 6. Shoe Flower s Lesser-Known Cousin: Hibiscus hoshiarpurensis. 7. Larger Adder s Tongue: Ophioglossum polyphyllum. 8. Snake Tongue Fern: Ophioglossum gramineum. 9. Saras - The Tallest Flying Bird: Grus antigone. 10. Dolphin - The state aquatic animal of Punjab: Platanista gangetica. 11. Chitti Gidh - Nature s Crusader for Environment cleaning: Gyps bengalensis. 12. Azgar - One of the Largest Snake of South Asia: Python molurus. 13. Tilhara Kachukuma - Patterned Charmer under Shelled Armour: Kachuga tecta. Acknowledgements. Photo credits. Abbreviations. References. About the authors.