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Threatened Animals of Sunderbans (Vertebrates)

Threatened Animals of Sunderbans (Vertebrates)

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ISBN 13:9789382258193

About the Book

Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Faunal account: pisces. 3. Faunal account: Amphibia. 5. Faunal account: reptilia. 6. Faunal account: birds (aves). 7. Faunal account: mammals. 8. Checklist of threatened species. Summary. Selected references. This Handbook Threatened Animals of Sunderbans (Vertebrates) is the first attempt to provide a comprehensive list of Threatened Animals of Sunderbans from fishes to mammals. The book deals with taxonomic features and ecology of each species along with their status. The present book deals with 24 species of fishes, 3 species of Amphibia, 23 species of Reptilia, 19 species of Aves and 23 species of mammals. The many species are suitably illustrated in coloured photographs. The handbook written in simple, communicative and understandable manner, keeping in view of the both researcher and interested public and aimed at serving as an base line information on the Threatened Fauna of Indian Sunderbans, particularly Vertebrates.