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The Wonder That Was Harappan Civilisation

The Wonder That Was Harappan Civilisation

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Author:T S Subramanian
ISBN 13:9789393875051
Subject:Art and Archaeology

About the Book

CONTENTS: Introduction-Unearthing a grand civilisation, 1. Men who discovered Indus sites, 2. Marshall exposes ancient sites, 3. Harappa hosted many cultures, 4. Harappan roots lie in Mehrgarh, 5. Tale of a lost capital, 6. Lothal, a powerful trade centre, 7. Tessitori's vision lays Kalibangan bare, 8. Insight into amazing times, 9. The jewel in the crown of Dholavira, 10. A tale of two sites: small yet robust, 11. Rakhigarhi bristles with new finds, 12. The history of a type site, 13. Bhirrana bridges the gap, 14. Height of glory at Khirsara, 15. 4MSR throws ujp Harappan surprises, 16. Royal burial in Sanauli, 17. Sanauli wheel turns a c ircle, 18. Why Indus Script is a mystery, 19. A doyam in Indus inscriptions, 20. Code can be cracked pertially, says Parpola, 21. IVC, a major industrial powerhouse, 22. Tuning into Harappan music, 23. Legend of the 'lost' Sarasvati, 24. Two is Great for Indus people, 25. Crocodile worship in Indus times, 26. No mass migration: V Shinde, 27. Who were Harappans & Arya?, 28. Unbroken legacy for centuries. THE WONDER THAT WAS - HARAPPAN CIVILISATION The Hindu Group marks the centenaries of the discovery (in 1924) of the Indus Valley Civilisation and the Mohenjo-daro excavation (1922-23), and declaration of Dholavira as a World Heritage Site in 2021 with this wonderful coffee-table book. Insightful stories and about 600 photographs unveil the grandeur of the Harappan Civilisation. Stories on Dholavira, Lothal, Rakhigarhi, Mohenjo-daro and Harappa; the mysterious Indus Script; Iravatham Mahadevan; and an email interview with renowned Asko Parpola are noteworthy. John Marshall’s account of the civilisation, published in The Hindu in January 1928, offers great insights