The Thar Articles
B. B. Dandekar
  • ISBN : 9788121213417
  • year : 2016
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The Thar Articles: In this sequel to Rampaging Lovers, Joshua and Julia married just two weeks, are forced back into the world of high-level espionage when arms meant for the mujahidin, fighting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, are being sabotaged in Pakistan. The Prime Minister of India and the Military Dictator of Pakistan meet in the Thar Desert, at the behest of the President. They nominate two agents, Code Names: 'Raja' and 'Bahadur', who work out a solution to the problem, set down in two handwritten copies of a document named THE THAR ARTICLES. Only two copies, one with each agent, because disclosure of the document, while not being serious for Pakistan, would be disastrous for India-an ally of the Soviet Union. For several months the plan works well, until two shipments of arms, routed through India, disappear. Bahadur is found murdered, executed by an antique, lady's revolver belonging to Raja-and Bahadur's copy of the document is missing. The novel is brilliant in its study of the inter-religious, cross-cultural marriage of an Indian-Jewish Colonel in the Indian Army and the English-Anglican granddaughter of the eleventh Earl of Bromfield. It is a literary novel that explores, with unabashed candor, love, intimacy, honor and trust between husband and wife, for the marriage to succeed-as well as treachery, betrayal and revenge in the brutal abyss of International espionage that threaten to tear it apart., ABOUT THE AUTHOR:- Bezaleel Solomon Benjamin (Dandekar) was born in Anand, Gujarat, India, in 1938, the fourth of five children to an Indian-Jewish couple. He passed his SSC, in 1951, at the age of thirteen, with a First Class, from Rosary High School in Baroda, where his father was serving as Collector of the District at the time. After Elphinstone College and the VJTI, in Bombay, he went to the University of London for his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees. After a teaching career of 44 years, both in England and USA, Dandekar retired in 2010.