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The Taliban Intelligence: Intelligence Services in a Non-Democratic State

The Taliban Intelligence: Intelligence Services in a Non-Democratic State

Author:Musa Khan Jalalzai
ISBN 13:9788119438198
Subject:Military Studies

About the Book

The abrupt and instantaneous collapse of the Afghan state is a distinctive precedent in the history of modern states. The Afghan state collapsed again due to the corrupt, incompetent and, un-proficient, unsorted and unwrought civilian and military leadership. The leadership looted and plundered everything they needed. Afghan policymakers consistently and usually lacked receptivity to objective intelligence assessments. The shameful collapse of the state on 15 August 2021, marked the end of two decades-long efforts of the US government to rebuild the shattered state of Afghanistan. The venture of state building had started on 05 December 2001 with the signing of the Bonn Agreement in Germany, and ended with the signing of the humiliating Doha Agreement between the Taliban and the United States. Locus-communis put forward that the collapse occurred because Afghan societal values were incompatible with democracy and the frontier state was ungovernable. The so-called Islamic Republic ended and its last President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani, fled the capital to Uzbekistan. The ignominious collapse of the Afghan state after twenty years of fake war on terrorism was brought to an abrupt end by the Joe Biden administration. President Biden's administration and the US army committed serious war crimes against the people of Afghanistan by endowing and surrendering the Afghan state to Pakistan. Now, with the establishment of the Taliban government in Afghanistan (2021), notwithstanding the arrangement of a weak internal security mechanism, they replaced National Directorate of Security (NDS) with the General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI). The Taliban's GDI is now struggling to establish itself as it wraestles with internal strife and the country's volatile security situation.