The Secret Life of Organizations: Invisible Rules of Success for the Young Indian Professional
Shalini Lal and Pradnya Parasher
  • ISBN : 9789388322119
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Universities may teach you many things, but they often neglect to tell you the key unwritten rule of career success: that doing well in your workplace is as much about knowing how your organization functions as it is about understanding your job and yourself. In The Secret Life of Organizations, expert HR professionals Shalini Lal and Pradnya Parasher tap into decades of experience and observations from working with prominent firms across the world to steer you through the fascinating inner life of companies as they answer these questions and more: * How do you effectively transition from student life to a high-stakes work environment? * How do you navigate hidden patterns of corporate culture? * How do you capitalize on your personality to be most effective at work? * How do you prepare for the unknowns of a fast-evolving work environment? Sharp and effective, this enlightening guide to overcoming early challenges at the workplace gives you an insider view of what makes organizations tick, and helps you take the smart path to the top.