The Right Choice: Resolving 10 Career Dilemmas for Extraordinary Success
Shiv Shivakumar
  • ISBN 13 : 9780670095698
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
Should money be the primary factor in picking a job? When do I pursue an MBA or a second MBA? Should I switch industries to move ahead? The Right Choice delves deep into the ten frequently faced dilemmas in a person's career, such as the ones listed above. The author shares his wisdom and experiences from his illustrious career as one of India Inc's longest-serving CEOs. In his trademark straightforward and lucid style, he shares lessons and learnings on each of the ten dilemmas. The book also contains insights and perspectives from twenty-four highly experienced professionals. A successful career is not a straight line; it has many twists and turns where you are faced with difficult choices. Practical and inspiring, The Right Choice will help you navigate these difficult situations-and win in your career. ANUSHA SHETTY - BHAVYA MISRA - CHANDRAMOULI VENKATESAN - DEBJANI GHOSH - HARI MENON - HARISH DEVARAJAN - KIRTHIGA REDDY - M. DAMODARAN - MEENA GANESH - PAVITRA SINGH - PIYUSH PANDEY - PRAKASH NEDUNGADI - PRIYANKA VIJAYAKUMAR - RAKESH KUMAR - RAMA BIJAPURKAR - ROHIT KALE - R.R. NAIR - RUCHIKA GUPTA - SONNY IQBAL - SUDHANSHU VATS - SUJATHA DUVVURI - BALARAMAN V. - VANI GUPTA DANDIA - VIVEK GAMBHIR