The Police in India
M B Chande
  • ISBN : 9788126934362
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The Police in India is an attempt to find out the realistic role of Police functionaries, the Criminal Justice System, and the reciprocal response of the public in the maintenance of law and order, public peace and tranquility, and their efforts in controlling criminal, anti-social, and anti-national elements threatening the well-being of the society and the country. It is neither a 'Police Jargons’, nor a departmental guide. It only contains an analytical study of the attitude of the government political parties, public, press, and above all, the policemen themselves in their efforts to enforce efficiently the laws of the land. Apart from these aspects, a comprehensive account of all the functions of the Police Force, including their 'WOES', have been given. The ardent objective of this book is to usher in the operational existence of a really worthy, reliable, humane, efficient, and honest Police Force, free from any kind of interference from any quarter, and competent and capable enough in the lawful and unbiased discharge of their functions enjoined on them by the law of the land. This book is very unique in the entire range of Police Literature and could prove to be a good guide to the public at large. About the Author: M.B. Chande is a prolific writer. After college education he joined the Police Service in the erstwhile State of Madhya Pradesh; and during the Reorganization of States, he was inducted to Maharashtra Police Service from which he retired in 1978, as an Assistant Commissioner of Police. During his distinctive Police Service of 39 years, he had served in all branches of the Police Department, both of State and Central, including the security of V.V.I.Ps. He was also on the editorial staff of the Indian Police Journal. His in-depth study of the subjects combined with his versatile socio-political experience enables him to express in a forthright, unbiased, and incisive manner. His authored books include Shree Ram Janma Bhoomi, A C