The Physical Education Curriculum (6th Edition) Paperback
Jim L Stillwell and Carl E Willgoose
  • ISBN 13 : 9788123926643
  • year : 2015
  • language :
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The need for quality physical education programs in our schools is ably demonstrated. In this practical, up-to-date text. Beginning with a broad discussion of the aspects of American society that heighten this need, the authors examine the important role of educators in developing and implementing physical education curriculum that meet students requirements for physical activity as well as the public demand for educational accountability. The linear organization of the text enhances the readers understanding of what comprises an effective physical education curriculum and how it should be developed, implemented and evaluated. The newly revised Sixth Edition features a thorough overview of the ten most common physical education curriculum models; a clear discussion of general, specific, and behavioral objectives; a revised chapter on children with disabilities; expanded content and abundant activity examples in the chapters on elementary and secondary programming; topical issues in interscholastic programs; and a complete discussion of program evaluation. Instructors and students alike will benefit from the straightforward, well-illustrated presentation and gain a deeper appreciation of the complex relationship between being able and being well.