The Path of Yoga: Yoga, the Science of the Soul Vol. 1. (Paperback)
  • ISBN : 9789352612055
  • year : 2016
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Yoga is now an integral part of our health-conscious cultural landscape, practiced by millions for health and fitness reasons. While Yoga is seen and practiced mostly as a body exercise program, the interest in the philosophical and spiritual dimension of Yoga is growing. This book introduces us to Patanjali, the founder of ancient Yoga in India. It takes us step by step into a deeper understanding of the essence and origins of Yoga. Osho introduces and unlocks Patanjali's ancient sutras, revealing how contemporary this ancient message truly is. It quickly becomes clear that we are just on the cusp of a gaining a much deeper understanding of Yoga and its place in our evolving world. Surprisingly, the mind even more than the body is the focus of Patanjali's teaching. He says: "Yoga is the cessation of mind."