THE ODYSSEY OF A DIPLOMAT: Through the Corridors of Time
Lakhan Mehrotra
  • ISBN : 9788170264569
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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A Diplomat's Odyssey through the Corridors of Time starts with some touching vignettes from the author's personal life from the days of India's freedom struggle and then moves on to portray the history making events of our time to which he was witness as part of his diplomatic experience. It covers practically every region of the world right up to the Arctic and the Atlantic and at both ends of the Pacific. In recognition of his work, Ambassador Mehrotra received the U Thant Peace Prize in 1991; the Man of Achievement Award from the International Biographical Institute, Cambridge in 1995; the Saha Maitreyi Award from King Sihanouk for his work in Cambodia as UN Secretary General Personal Representative, and the President's Gold Medal in East Timor for bringing about peace and reconciliation between East Timor and Indonesia. Written with verve and panache, this captivating account offers valuable insights into the complexity of India's foreign policy challenges over the years.