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The New National Education Policy of India Challenges and Future Prospects

The New National Education Policy of India Challenges and Future Prospects

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Author:Edited by Dr Nittam Chandel
ISBN 13:9789392469022
Subject:Education and Psychology

About the Book

About the Book One of the biggest achievements in the Indian Educational Sector has been the release of the New National Education Policy (NEP), 2020 after a gap of 34 years. The major aim of the policy is to revamp and rebuild the education sector and meet the demands of the 21st Century India. It is a comprehensive policy that emphasises 'multidisciplinary and multilingual' ‘technology-supported education’ in the country. In fact, the National Education Policy (NEP) recognises various issues like high dropout rates among vulnerable, minorities, obstacles to girls attending rural schools, small school campuses, and the requirements of children living in challenging geographic settings, among others. The National Education Policy (NEP) endeavours to deal with the growing injustice and inequality afflicting the country's educational system. India's educational system needs to undergo significant adjustments in order to implement the policy in such a way that it not only satisfies the needs of its diverse population but also achieving the long-term goal of providing high-quality education to all and making India a just and thriving knowledge society in the world. The present book would be useful to academicians, practitioners, researchers, and students as it contains various research papers which deals with issues pertaining to the structural- functional aspects of education, challenges and future prospects.