The Mould: Values and Self-Efficacy of Teachers
Martin Philip George
  • ISBN 13 : 9789386385574
  • year : 2017
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The Mould: Values and Self-Efficacy of Teachers is a comprehensive study on values, the need for value education and teacher values in terms of value preferences. It provides a thorough review of related research on value education and self-efficacy and establishes a correlation between them. It highlights the need for self-efficacy in every individual who wants to lead a fulfilling life with optimism and a sense of purpose. The book uses a survey method and various statistical tools to study the relationship between the values and the self-efficacy of teachers in the Catholic schools of Gujarat, along with the various factors which influence their value preferences. It ventures into unexplored territory and has scope and relevance for further research. It will be a small but significant contribution to our knowledge about values and selfefficacy of teachers in contemporary India.