The Man Who Would not be King V P Raman (1932-1991) A Biography
P S Raman
  • ISBN : 9788185987231
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Brilliant,erudite and well-read with a Sharp mind and a keen eye,V.P.Raman or VPR as he was known to his friends,was a maverick lawyer of his time.He straddled many fields besides law,including politics and cinema. This biographical account written by his son P.S.Raman or Bharat as he is also called began with an exciting discovery of documents that detailed the life of the Raman family from the time of the Patriarch,A.V.Raman.Bharat, who discovered the papers documenting his family history during the lockdown engendered by Covid-19 ,put pen to paper in telling the Raman family Saga.The Result is a delightful account of the family's history,including of its women,especially the feisty Sundaram who was a tennis player in the 1920s and 30s . This biography of VPR is rich in anecdoted that detail the historical backdrop of not just Dravidian Politics and Cinema, as also the Man's close encounters with Personalities who shaped the country in turbulent times. With a foreword by Shri K.K.Venugopal,Attorney General for India, this book is a must read not just for those who enjoy biographies, but for judgements, as well as anecdotal accounts of court encounters make this book enjoyable for students of law.