The Making of the Greatest Jack Ma
Abha Sharma
  • ISBN : 9789353336363
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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This is the incredible story of Jack M A, who was branded as a failure but chose not to give up. Jack M A (born M A Yun) studied at an ordinary institution in China and failed multiple times as a student, and yet he held on to self-belief and created the Alibaba group, the largest e-commerce company in the world. He was rejected for more than thirty jobs, including that of a waiter, but a few years down the line, he was providing employment to millions of people. He first experienced the Internet at age thirty, but such was his business acumen that he built a company that couldn't exist without the Internet. He learned English by talking to tourists, but he is one of the most admired public speakers in the language. He says, ‘if Jack M A and his team can be successful, eighty per cent of the people […] can be successful.’ how did Jack M A achieve all of this in the face of constant adversity? Get an insight into the grueling yet amazing work culture that he built at Alibaba. Jack ma’s story has that magical capability of invoking the best in people, to inspire them to persevere and keep moving ahead and to make them think beyond self-interest.