The Making of 'Cash Maoism' in Nepal: A Thabangi Perspective
Pawan Patel
  • ISBN : 9788183631426
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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People's War as a form of political movement attracted widespread mass support in the rural heartland of Nepal, particularly during the Maoist Revolution. The Making of Cash Maoism in Nepal examines the history of the Maoist movement by drawing ethnographic data from Thabang village of Rolpa district, once known as the "Yen’an of Nepal". The book concludes that from the very beginning, CPN (M) did not adhere to Maoist principles of protracted guerrilla warfare, and ended up as 'Cash Maoism' by toeing a political line of quick victory. Although the Hindu monarchy was dethroned after the election of the first constituent assembly, the revolution ended without accomplishing even a single demand from their "forty point demands". The struggle that was supposed to address nationality, people's democracy and people's livelihood in Nepal was turned out to be only a ladder to enter into bourgeois parliamentary democracy.