The Making of a Chief Justice of India
Sunita Singh
  • ISBN 13 : 9789391800031
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
What goes into making a Chief Justice of India? Does a career in law suffice or does one need to understand the pulse of the nation, too? The Making of a Chief Justice of India: Life and Times of Justice Kamal Narain Singh chronicles the story of a country in transition, fighting the British Raj, creating new concepts of nationhood. Political upheavals, wars, new laws, new governments all add to the intrigue. Witness his journey from the corridors of the District Court of Allahabad to the highest seat of justice in the Supreme Court of India, presiding over some of the landmark judgements and controversial cases in the country. Sunita Singh Sunita Singh is a bi-lingual poet, writer, and storyteller, conversant in both -English and Hindi. She was born and brought up in Allahabad and believes that the Ganga-Jamuni ‘tehzeeb’ of her city developed in her the love for the languages and arts. Her poems and stories have been featured in many national and international anthologies and e-zines. She has been a co-editor in some projects. Her solo book of poems, ‘Dance of the Flamingoes’ has also won an award. Sunita lives in Delhi and likes to disconnect from the mad chaos and finds inspiration from nature, whether in the mountains, the beach or even in the quiet corners of the park.