THE LANGUAGES OF UTTAR PRADESH, People’s Linguistic Survey of India Volume 29 Part II
Edited by G N Devy, Badri Narayan and Rama Shanker Singh
  • ISBN : 9789354421785
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Commonly referred to as the ‘Hindi heartland’, Uttar Pradesh is the most populous and the fourth largest state of India. Its linguistic tapestry is unique as it is home to not just Hindi and a host of other Scheduled and Non-Scheduled languages, but also to some secret tongues, devised purely to communicate within smaller communities by their members. This volume, People’s Linguistic Survey of India, The Languages of Uttar Pradesh (volume twenty-nine, part two) focusses on the majority as well as minority languages of the state: linguistic characteristics, grammatical features, folklore and vocabulary of various languages are discussed to give readers as broad a sense of the languages as possible.Contents: The People’s Linguistic Survey of India The National Editorial Collective List of Volumes Acknowledgements Foreword A Nation Proud of Its Language Diversity: Chief Editor’s Introduction Introduction to the Volume Contributors to the Volume An Appeal to Readers List of Languages Covered in the Volume Abbreviations PART I: SCHEDULED LANGUAGES 1. Hindi 2. Nepali 3. Urdu 4. Sindhi PART II: NON-SCHEDULED LANGUAGES 5. Awadhi 6. Bagheli 7. Baiswari Awadhi 8. Bhojpuri 9. Brajbhasha 10. Bundeli 11. Illahabadi 12. Kannauji 13. Kauravi 14. Tharu PART III: OTHER LANGUAGES 15. Chamarmangata 16. The Language of Mahavats 17. The Language of Nats and Kanjars 18. The World of Secret Tongues: The Languages of Nishads and Pandas Appendix The Lost Keys of Culture Index