The Junaydi Sufis of the Deccan Discovery of a Seventeenth Century Scroll
Mohammed Suleman Siddiqui
  • ISBN : 9789380607528
  • year : 2014
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This book recasts the history of Sufism in the Deccan and in India in general. Establishing the presence and active involvement of the Junaydī Sufis in the Deccan during the Bahmani period (1347-1538), contrary to established assumption that it was the Chishtīs who spread Sufi teachings there. Two sacred scrolls of the seventeenth century from the private collection of a prominent Junaydī Sufi family of Bijapur, tracing its spiritual and family descent to Abul Qasim al-Junayd of Baghdad have also been produced. The scrolls contain extracts from an extinct fourteenth century text, Atwar al-abrar, by Ayn al-Din Ganj al-Ilm, revealing rich details on prominent Junaydīs, including women Sufis. This groundbreaking study does what scholars, including the late Annemarie Schimmel, of Harvard University, have long advocated—the need to unearth and study the hidden treasure trove of documents on the Deccan.