The Infidel Next Door
Rajat Mitra
  • ISBN 13 : 9788185217437
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
Kashmir is the most radicalized region on earth. But behind it is a story of how its inhabitants resisted religious conversion. Told through the eyes of a psychologist, this inspiring story revolves around Aditya, a Hindu priest, Anwar, who wants to create an Islamic Kashmir and Zeba torn between her love and her religion. The Infidel Next Door is a story of every individual in search of an identity after a loss, the conflict between religions in the present world and how forgiveness transcends hate. “An Unforgettable read…” – Vamik Volkan, Nobel Prize Nominee, author of ‘Enemies on the couch’ “Weaves through Indian culture in a delicate dance, each step precisely described and intriguing…a compelling story which draws together disparate lives in a saga hard to put down.” – Midwest Book Review “I have read many books set within the culture of Indian subcontinent but none has brought the ways of thinking to life as well as this book…gives an understanding of why Hindus and Muslims see the world differently…” – Robert Rich, author of ‘Ascending spiral - Humanity’s last chance’ “Few authors have the courage to talk about such a topic…” – ThinkerViews “A moving story….argues against radicalism in all religions.” – Kirkus Book Review “A must read…Readers will take a long time to forget Aditya and Zeba...” – Kevein Book Review “...Recommended for all enlightened readers…” – Mehreen Ahmed, author of ‘The Pacifist’ “Immersive and fascinating…” – Portland Book Review “...A story with stark intimacy and sensitivity…” – Andrew Spacey, author of ‘21 Bird Poems’ “A moving and profound work…” – Vamsee Juluri, author of ‘Saraswati’s Intelligence’ “A page turner…a literary masterpiece...” – Jagdish Batra, Professor of English, Jindal University “A moving story....must be read widely.” – Sudhir Kakkar, renowned psychoanalyst