The Indian Police - A Retrospect
Giriraj Shah
  • ISBN : 9789352626106
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The Indian Police : A Retrospect is an authoritative work which every law-enforcement officer would do well to read and digest. It outlines the mechanics of the functuoning of the police in this country. It explodes the myth thaft policing in India was a non-starer before the advent of the British. In point of fact, however. an efficient police force operated in Ancient India in the days of the Mughals, anf during the transition to British rule. It dwells at length on the establishment and growth of the modern police system in India, on the organisation, growth and development of the police force in the States, on the incidence and control of rural and urban crime. and on the organisation and administration of the police force in post-independence India and in 2000 A.D. Written in simple, direct and straightforward manner. The Indian Police : A Retrospect should be an eye-opener for sociologists, legislators and those who desigh the fabric of law-enforcement in this country. Contents - 1. The Indian Police: A Retrospect 2. Policing in Ancient India 3. Police Administration During Muslim Rule in India 4. Policing During the Age of Transition 5. Establishment and Growth of Modern Police System in India 6. The Police After Independence 7. Growth, Development and Organisation of the state Police 8. The state Police Organisation in India 9. Rural Crime in India 10.Urban Crime in India 11.Commissioner of Police System in India 12.Portrait of Distroct Police Administration 13.Nucleus of a Police station 14.Police Organisation and Administration in 2000 A.D.