The Iconography of Hindu Images
A K Bhattacharyya
  • ISBN : 9788180904103
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The study of iconography of Hindu images is a stupendous undertaking for very many reasons. Their antiquity and their growth resulting in varieties and diverse symbolisms very often brought about by the extraneous contacts as also through local genius mainly making stylistic changes, have contributed to the ultimate enormity. With this background the present work in thirteen Chapters is but a limited attempt to put before the readers, scholars and the lay public, gleanings of a few, only a few, select concepts chosen for their importance, their interesting appeal and their popularity. In this, of special interest are the conjoint concepts whose iconography as well as the forms are equally attractive. In dealing with the architecture as background of the sculptures in at least a couple of them, one would be thrilled by the visual presentation of both, one after the other in clear photographic illustrations provided. In fact, Chapter XV presents the temples and scooped out structures, that have formed the base of some superb sculptures inside. The temple structures with copious sculptural carvings prove the feeling that no architecture is a successful one if it is not adorned by sculptural art. Some of the Chapters are, however, occupied with individual items of sculpture and their variety of forms as according to the codified differences. Some Chapters have included, apart from conventional forms, a few rarely known settings worthy of notice. It is finally the enormity and the variety of illustrations provided throughout with as far as possible clearest of photographs, that would surely charm the viewer.