The Harappans and Aryans
M K Dhavalikar
  • ISBN : 9788173056123
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Preface. 1. The Harappans and Aryans. 2. The Kali Yuga Crisis. Appendix: Harappan/Aryan Interface. 3. The Harappan Language. 4. The Harappan Heritage. 5. History Before History: Manu to Udayana(ca. 2200 – 500 BCE). 6. Epilogue. Bibliography. Index. There is a heated debate from the day the Indus or the Harappan civilization was discovered: whether it was Aryan or Dravidian. The flow of the new data is continuous and the controversy is becoming acrimonious. It appears that a Tsumani-like calamity forced Harappans to migrate to other regions in the country for sustenance and even beyond it. The problem that has now cropped up is whether the Harappans and Aryans were two different people or one and the same for the simple reason that the latter reach the very same regions where the Harappan presence is also marked, the former evidenced by Harappan artifacts and the latter by an IA language because Max Muller has certified that whosoever speaks an IA language is an Aryan. This was not a hide-and-seek game, but points to their being one and the same people. What is more, these migrations are corroborated by allusions in the later Vedic literature. The study analyses all the new evidence and shows how it has contributed to the make up of Indian civilization and discusses how it can prove useful to bridge the hiatus between the protohistoric and the historical periods.