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The Future of Higher Education in India

The Future of Higher Education in India

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Author:Edited by Sudhanshu Bhushan
ISBN 13:9789811695933
Subject:Education and Psychology

About the Book

The book analyses various challenges emanating from privatization, globalization and public financial crunch to understand the future directions of higher education in India. The book presents a careful understanding of structure, finance and governance of higher education and advocates a new way to look at increasing the capability of students to secure their future. Attention has also been drawn to the inequalities prevailing in the system of higher education and pursuing inclusive approach so as to have sufficient employment opportunities for students in the labour market. The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 deals with the future in terms of university structure and functions, Part 2 deals with the future of financing higher education and Part 3 deals with capabilities required by teachers for the future of universities. It is an interesting collection of various themes in different chapters which are authored by serious researchers. All policy makers, university administrators and teachers and researchers of higher education interested in governance, financing, teaching as well as research in the area of higher education will find the contents of the book relevant. The book will benefit in understanding the challenges of higher education and help remodel the future of higher education in India. CONTENTS 1. Contesting the Present in the Evolution of Public Higher Education / Sudhanshu Bhushan Part I: Structure 2. The Emergence and Expansion of Indian Universities Before Independence: A Historical Perspective / Mona Sedwal 3. Teachers’ University Revisit to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar / Sudhanshu Bhushan 4. World Ranking of Universities: What Does It Entail for the Future / Saumen Chattopadhyay 5. Global Wars, National Legacies, and State Controls: The Dilemmas of Institutionalism of Public Universities / Manisha Priyam 6. The World-Class University Discourse: Disentangling the Conflict Between Efficiency and World Class-Ness / Aishna Sharma 7. Idea of a University: Rethinking the Indian Private Universities Context / Sangeeta Angom Part II: Finances 8. Future of Higher Education Financing and Governance / Sudhanshu Bhushan 9. Shifts in the Financing of Higher Education / P. Geetha Rani 10. Pattern and Determinants of Household Expenditure on Higher Education: Evidence from Rural Odisha / Pradeep Kumar Choudhury 11. Impact of Public Education Expenditure Across Different Levels on Higher Education Access in India: A Panel Data Study / Sandhya Dubey 12. Factors Influencing Household Expenditure on Private Tutoring in Higher Education / Anuneeta Mitra and Nivedita Sarkar Part III: Capabilities and Others 13. Higher Education Policy: Accountability Versus Capabilities / Sudhanshu Bhushan 14. Capabilities of Students / Jitsun Lamo 15. Unpacking the Experiences of a Teacher as a Professional Through the Framework of Capability Approach / Isha Verma 16. Understanding Accessibility, Inclusion and Performance of Students with Disabilities in Higher Education: A Case Study of University of Delhi / Shalini Saksena, Rashmi Sharma, and Bipin Kumar Tiwary 17. Freedom from Autonomy: A Critique on the New Managerialism in Higher Education / Amruth G. Kumar 18 Higher Education in India: Refocusing Faculty Development / Neeru Snehi 19. Pathways to Internationalization in Indian Higher Education: Reflections on Policy Options / Rashim Wadhwa ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sudhanshu Bhushan is Professor and Head of the Department of Higher and Professional Education in the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA). He specializes in internationalisation of higher education, policy issues in higher education and educational planning. His present responsibility is to conduct and guide research and provide policy support to the Government of India. His recent contributions include Quality Assurance of Transnational Higher Education: The Experiences of Australia and India, Public Financing and Deregulated Fees in Indian Higher Education, and Restructuring Higher Education in India. He is the recipient of Amartya Sen Award 2012 for distinguished Social Scientist, an award instituted by Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi.