The First Aryan: The Legend of Vrsakapi
Paramu Kurumathur
  • ISBN : 9780143443278
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Will a series of brutal killings destroy the very foundation of Parsuvarta, an ancient kingdom? A series of murders have taken place in Parsupur, the capital city of Parsuvarta. Kasyapa and Agastya, two students training to become priests, are asked by their guru to investigate the deaths. Around the same time, there is great turmoil brewing in the city-a palace coup and a battle for supremacy between the traditional Indra worshipers and the new sect of Varuna followers. It is an age when Vedic Gods are worshiped, religious sacrifices are performed regularly, commerce flourishes and kings are guided by their loyal head priests. But beneath this fa├žade of order lie prejudices and political rivalries, jealousy and power games. This is why the murders, which at first seem to be unconnected, soon lead in the same direction. It is now up to Kasyapa and Agastya to find out the common thread and identify the killer. The First Aryan is a one-of-its-kind murder mystery set in the Vedic times.