The Coup India Missed: A Political Quest Through the Fantasies of Statecraft
Lt. Col. K Gopinathan
  • ISBN : 9789352011926
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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In this nimble political satire, readers are presented with an alternative India that is at once mesmerising yet unfamiliar. Under the rippling tide of satire flows the strong undertow of serious political discourse. We are drawn irresistibly into the book as obstinate Indian politicians challenge the intrepid Baba to fight elections and enter Parliament to enact his anti-corruption law. The people of India pick up the gauntlet and in the General Elections that follow, they catapult his greenhorn political party into power. Baba appoints a maverick politician, Professor Murthy, as Prime Minister, to lead the country. Under Murthy, the country sees revolutionary change, both to its economy, as well as its political structure. An amended Constitution brings in the Presidential form of government. The revamped education sector becomes the driving force of the country’s socio-economic renaissance. India becomes a developed country with a potent military and world presence. As Pakistan-sponsored terrorism continues to hurt Kashmir, the Indian armed forces move in to bring the RAW-incited freedom struggle to its logical end. Baluchistan, Sindh and the Pakhtunkhwa, become independent countries. The world applauds as the cradle of terrorism is destroyed forever. A book that reflects the ideas that live in the minds of Indian citizens, like grass seeds sown by the wind.