The Charisma of Tibet
Lokesh Chandra
  • ISBN : 9788177421668
  • year : 2017
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The Charisma of Tibet is the flowering (padma) of the jewelline (mani) Dharma (om) in its depths (hum). This book surveys problems beginning with the statue of the Chinese Queen in the Potala, the role of Bactrians, the original home and Pure Land of Padmasambhava, the independence of Tibet throughout history, and so on. The 5th chapter begins with Tibet as the source of all the major rivers of Asia, the 6th details historical works, the 7th is the palaeography of Indic scripts in manuals, the 8th sketches iconographic xylographs, the 9th is on some philosophical texts, and 10th is on Sanskrit-Tibetan lexicography. The last chapter has the unknown Mangalastaka of Kalidasa both in Sanskrit and Tibetan. The fourfold classification of Tantras, modelled after the four sections of a Saiva agamas is discussed. The origin of the toponym oddiyana, the restoration of the purity of the Bodhisattvais path by Sridipankara-jnana, report of an interview of Prof. RaghuVira with Dr. Heinrich Harrer, a Tibetan roll discovered in a statue from Nalanda, the writing of Tibetan textbooks as the Tibetans tasted coming to India in large numbers, the historic studies of Korosi Csoma Sandor that laid the foundations of scientific Tibetology, and the development of ayurveda in Tibet. The book is a complete record of the Tibetan studies of Prof. RaghuVira and his son Lokesh Chandra whom it was seeking the soul of Buddhist culture. The Avatamsaka-sutras say: Mind makes the Buddhas.