The Carnival of Peace Kumbh Teertham Haridwar: Kumbh Teertham Haridwaram
Radhika Nagrath
  • ISBN : 9788128836275
  • year : 2012
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Dr. Radhika Nagrath is a journalist, historian, researcher, lecturer, author and scholar of a high repute and has spent about 25 years living in the Himalayan state of India, Uttarakhand. Her spiritual temperament and socio cultural interests have led her to write about the mega historical event in the form of a coffee table book. She has been awarded and lauded for her unbiased journalistic skills by ?Himalaya aur Hindustan? group and Women in public sector (WIPS) forum. She was also felicitated with ?Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi award? by National union of Journalists, Uttarakhand for her outstanding contribution in writing and journalism. Her first book titled ?Swami Vivekananda: The known philosopher the unknown poet? published in 2007 on Vivekananda's lesser known poetic persona has been internationally acclaimed. Her second book on "Pieces to Peace" was a product of guided efforts of literary scholars during her visit to US for invited talk on ?peace and reconciliation? in the year 2009 held by University of California, Los Angeles. Radhika has been a freelance writer for nearly a decade contributing her estimable skills to eminent Indian newspapers like Times of India, Hindustan Times and The Pioneer. For two years she was a feature writer for a monthly journal New Era, published from Doha, Qatar and has been a regular columnist for HtLive Dehradun. Travelled far and wide in India and abroad for paper presentations and meeting exploration, she is a peace loving Sagittarian. ?Spending four months in the vicinity of saints and seers during Kumbh mela 2010 was a lifetime rewarding experience,? she says to justify her spiritual inkling.