The Bhagavata (Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana) Critical Edition (4 Volumes in 6 Parts)
Edited by Prof H G Shastri, Dr Bharati K Shelat and Dr K K Shastree
  • year : 1996
  • language : Sanskrit
  • binding : Hardbound
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THE BHAGAVATA [ Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana] critical edition. critically edited for the first time. by Prof. H.G. Shastri.[with the co-operation of the Late Pt. Sukhlalji, Shri Vishnudeva Pandit, Late Prof. N.K. Bambhania, Dr. Priyabala Shah & others: General editors: Prof.R.C.Parikh, Dr.H.G.Shastri, Dr.K.K.Shastri, & others. Set FOUR VOLUMES: [ in SIX BOOKS] Comprising Three Skandhas Each. the contents of bhagavata consist of ten characteristics of a Mahapurana and also include Cosmography,chronology,Akhyanas,Stutis,Gitas,Philosophical tenets and especially the detailed Biography of Lord Krsna Vasudeva. The glorification of the Bhakti of Lord Krsna has lent is apecial popularity among the Followers of Vaisnavism. The variant readings found in the select MSS are given in foot –notes & Supplemented by readings in outstanding Commentaries,printed editions & epitomes. The MSS selected for the collation of variant readings are copied in Sarada,Newari,Maithili, Bengali,Devanagari,Nandinagari,Telugu,Kannada,grantha & Malayalam Scripts in the case of all the Skandhas. The Select MSS are generally dated from 15th to 18th cent. A.D. the Ms. Dt.being exceptionally dated 12th cent.A.D. the total numbers of Adhyayas of the 12 Skandhas in the constituted text comes to be 329. The stanzas in these adhyays number 13129, while the passages in prose number 452.short interpolations given in the footnotes 659, and long interpolations given in the Appendices number in all. As for Mss.emphasis is naturally laid on dt. The earliest known Ms. At Varanasi .among commentaries those of Sridhara,Viraraghava, Vijayadhvaja and Vallabhacharya have proved to be considerably helpful. 1. Volume-1: [skandhas I- III] critically edited by . by Prof. H.G. Shastri.with English introduction.1996: Size.12/ 11 inches.big size.pp 275,68,with manuscripts illustrations. 2. Volume-2: [ Skandhas IV to VI] Critically Edited by Dr. Bharati K. Shelat.with English introduction.1998.pp 340,60, with 7 manuscripts illustrations. 3. Volume-3: [ Skandhas VII to IX: Critically edited Respectively: Dr. H.G.Shastri, Dr. B.K.Shelat, Dr.K.K.Shastree.with English introduction, 1999.pp 107,24,88,46,78,36, with 15 manuscripts illustrations. 4. Volume- 4: Part-1: [Skandha- X] Critically edited by Prof.K.K.Shastree.[ Bambhania] with English introduction.1997.pp 388,66,with 15 plates,[some coloured] 5. Volume- 4: Part-2: A and B [Skadhas XI – XII] Critically Edited by Prof. K.K.Shasree.with English introduction.1998.pp65,22,127,29,WITH 6 PLATES, 6. Volume – 4: Part-3: [Epilogue] by Prof. K.K.Shastree. 2002.fully English text.appendix,tables, dynasties tables : Dynasty:- Sun, [iksvaku,videhas,vaisali,saryatas,nabhhagas,… MOON Dysnasty:- kanyakubja,kasi,yadavas, Satvata,Vrsni,Haihaya,Cedi,Turvasu,Druhyu,Anavas,Usinara, Anavas, Pauravas, Panchalas[ Pauravas, … Nabhi Branch,Uttanapada Branch…. kings of the Kali age, [29] index ;important words.pp 112,xi. TOTAL four Volumes in six Books; size.12/10 inches.Big size. Ahmedabad,1996-2002. Set Rs- 7000/-