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The Archaeology of Iron and Social Change in Early South India

The Archaeology of Iron and Social Change in Early South India

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Author:Om Prakash Singh
ISBN 13:9789352904631
Subject:Art and Archaeology/Archaeology

About the Book

Beginning with the Neolithic Chalcolithic phase to the introduction of iron technology in the Megalithic period and its consequent impact in the early historic times, this book examines the variations in iron making in peninsular India. Using archaeological data, where available, of the various regions of Andhra Pradesh (including Telengana), Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala, a phase-wise analysis has been presented to highlight the material conditions of the various regions prior to, and after the introduction of iron technology, and to reflect changes in agricultural patterns, artisanal and structural activities and civilizational progress over time. An attempt has also been made to show the regional variations that exist in terms of the adoption of iron and its impact on the agricultural development and the proliferation of arts and crafts. Since it takes into account theories and empirical studies in peninsular India, this book makes a substantial contribution to the literature on iron technology and social change in India.