TEZPUR DIARIES: India-China War of 1962 - Ground Perspective
Colonel Girish Chandra Srivastava (Retd)
  • ISBN : 9789381089521
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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While much has been written about the 1962 Sino-Indian Conflict, it has been mostly from the perspective of describing the battles fought and the reasons for India's defeat. Tezpur Diaries: India-China War of 1962 – Ground Perspective is different. It is perhaps the only account by a young officer (with just over a year's service), who served in the Eastern Theatre in 1962 and details his lived experience in Assam and NEFA. Based on the author's personal diaries, the book recounts what a young officer experienced on ground in the midst of the conflict, the proverbial 'fog of war' and memories of coursemates pitched into battle raw, yet giving a sterling account of themselves in the best traditions of the Indian Army. Of particular interest are the author's forays into the battle zone - just after cessation of hostilities - when he was tasked to lead a team into the area recently vacated by the Chinese to recover abandoned equipment and vehicles. His team was among the first into Chaku and Se La, areas that had seen bloody action in the 1962 war. The aftermath of the battles – destroyed equipment, and the war dead still lying on the battlefields – is vividly portrayed. There are interesting chapters delving into the obvious questions which any thinking person would ask as to the causes of the war and its outcomes. Interwoven into the narrative are geopolitical realities and behind the scenes realities now known, that place events in context. This very readable personal account of a young subaltern would interest both the military and the lay reader as it gives the real flavour of the times – what living through those dark days was like. With the Dragon again looming over the High Himalayas, this is a timely look back into 1962.