Textile Finishing: Basic Concepts and Application
Gopalakrishnan, D, P Vinayagamurthi and S Kavitha
  • ISBN : 9789351249016
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Finishing is a series of processing operations applied to a textile material to improve its appearance, handle and functional properties. The present book “Textile Finishing: Basic Concepts and Application” is specially designed to meet the requirements of students persuing diploma and degree courses in textile institutions. The first chapter of the book covers the classification of finishing of textile fabric and also focuses on important chemicals used in textile finishing. The second chapter covers mechanical finishing as well as heat setting and other treatments. Information on functional finishing with a unique approach to understand about finishing is described in chapter third. The fourth chapter includes special purpose finishes and also highlights in silicones for multifunctional finishing, micro / macro/ nano finishing and water repellent finishing. The fifth chapter examines the modern finishing technology and systems, which describes the process of material development and the different stages of application and ends with a review of the mechanisms. This book will be of greater use for the textile students and the faculty who mentor them.