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Textile Arts of India: Kokyo Hatanaka Collection

Textile Arts of India: Kokyo Hatanaka Collection

Author:Kyoto Shoin & Super Book House
ISBN 10:4763660489
Subject:Fashion Designing/Textile Designing

About the Book

Textile Arts of India, has to be the most lavish book ever published on the magnificent textiles of India. Presenting a fabulous collection of fabrics dating from the 17th century to the first half of the 20th century, this monumental book is as historically fascinating as it is lovely to look at. Included are hundreds of full-color photographs, taken especially for this volume, of rare and exquisite textiles that are painted, block-printed, woven, tie-dyed, and embroidered. An essay by Zahid Sarder of the San Francisco Examiner Magazine traces the history of textile manufacturing in India and explains the various techniques of this radiant and enduring art form. Textile Arts of India is a feast for the eyes and an indispensable reference for collectors, designers, or anyone interested in Indian culture and art.