Textbook Of Agricultural Heritage
M M Adhikary
  • ISBN : 9789388173773
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Contents: Preface v 1. Introduction to Indian Agricultural Heritage 1 2. Ancient Agricultural Practices and Present Day Agriculture 18 3. Past and Present Status of Agriculture and Farmers 23 4. Astronomy: Prediction of Monsoon 33 5. Ancient Soil Classification and Soil Fertility 47 6. Irrigation and Water Harvesting 55 7. Description of Indian Civilization and Agriculture by Travellers 68 8. Indian Agriculture from Past to Modern Era 74 9. Plant Protection through Indigenous Traditional Method 85 10. Crop Voyage in India and World 98 11. History of Rice, Sugarcane and Cotton 117 12. Gardening in Ancient and Medieval Period: Arbori-horticulture Orchard 144 13. Vegetable Farming: Floriculture, Perfumes and Medicinal Plants 153 14. Crop Significance and its Classification 176 15. Importance, Scope, Researches and National Agricultural Setup 184 16. Current Scenario of Indian Agriculture 200 Glossary 213 References 218 Index 225 The present book has been designed to cover the undergraduate syllabus of Agricultural Heritage as per ICAR 5th Deans’ Committee report. It covers the entire syllabus in one concise volume, which is spread over in 16 chapters viz. introduction to Indian agricultural heritage, ancient agricultural practices and present day agriculture, past and present status of agriculture and farmers, astronomy: prediction of monsoon, ancient soil classification and soil fertility, irrigation and water harvesting, description of Indian civilization and agriculture by travellers, Indian agriculture from past to modern era, plant protection through indigenous traditional method, crop voyage in India and world, history of rice, sugarcane and cotton, gardening in ancient and medieval period: arbori-horticulture orchard, vegetable farming: floriculture perfumes and medicinal plants, crop significance and its classification, importance, scope, researches and national agricultural setup, current scenario of Indian agriculture. Presentation of the book is simple, lucid and unambiguous for easy understanding of the subject matter. It is hoped that this book will be greater use for undergraduate students of agriculture, teachers, extension workers and all other interested in agricultural heritage.