Telling the Truth Talking Sides: Essays for N Ram
Edited by V.K. Ramachandran
  • ISBN : 9788193732922
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This book is a collection of essays written in tribute to N. Ram, journalist, writer, and person of the Left. Its title reflects Ram's concern that journalism, and indeed intellectual endeavor, be both informative and credible and committed to the social good. The contributors to the book are: Venkatesh Athreya, Wayne Barrett, C. P. Chandrasekhar, John Cherian, Noam Chomsky, P. Jacob, T. Jayaraman, Kumari Jayawardena, Prakash Karat, C. T. Kurien, Parvathi Menon, Prabhakara S. Motnahalli, Suresh Nambath, Prabhat Patnaik, V. K. Ramachandran, Alan Rusbridger, Nirmal Shekar, M. S. Swaminathan, and Romila Thapar.