Technology Transfer and Commercialisation
Edited by Sheikha Al Akhzami
  • ISBN : 9789351249115
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Foreword. Preface. Introduction. 1. Promoting Renewable Energy Technology Transfer to Ghana/Edem C. Bensah. 2. Public R&D Funding: The Indian Scenario for Lab to Market Ecosystem/Raj Kumar Sharma. 3. Twenty Five Years of Experience in Development and Commercialisation of Diagnostics and Vaccine for Aquaculture in India/Kalkuli Mariyappa H. Shankar , Prakash Patil, P.B. Abhiman, Satish Rama Poojary, I.S. Azad, T.M. Anil, Rajreddy Patil, P.P. Suresh Babu,A.K. Sahoo, D.K. Nayak, Asha Abraham, Krupesh Sharma2, C.V. Mohan, B.T. Naveen Kumar, B. Adil, S. Prabhugowda, Moumitha Mondal, and Mohit Kumar Ram. 4. Mechanisms for Commercialisation of Technology: The Role of Technology Business Incubators in the Promotion of Knowledge-based Industries/M. Bandyopadhyay. 5. Current Status of Biotechnology Commercialisation in India/Ritu Seth. 6. Technology Transfer and Commercialisation of Technologies in Mauritius/Mohammad Reza Soodin. 7. Role of Government in Supporting Technology Commercialisation in Nigeria/Danazumi Mohammed Ibrahim. 8. Local Production of Copper Sulphate in Nigeria and its Impact on School Education System/Mercy Sule Bassi, M.O. Omojola, M. Sirajo, H.D. Ibrahim and S. Gadimoh. 9. Socio-Economic Imperatives of Intellectual Property (IP) Protection for the Commercialisation of Research and Development (R&D) Results and Inventions in Nigeria/Samuel Ojonimi Eneanya. 10. Research, Innovation and Commercialisation: Current Status In Pakistan/Syed Shahid Hussain and Ahmad Bilal. 11. Palestine Incubators, Challenges and Opportunities/Zaki S.S. Afaghani. 12. Innovation Ecosystem Development in Sri Lanka/R. Wijialudchumi. 13. Technology Commercialisation Initiatives in Tanzania/Mafunda Dugushilu and Georges Silas Shemdoe. 14. Science, Technology and Knowledge Transfer in Venezuela/Anwar Salem Hasmy. Tehran Resolution on Transfer and Commercialisation of Technology in Developing Countries. Capability for innovation can be developed through a dynamic process involving various stakeholders such as governments, academic and research institutions, and industry with the help of a combination of schemes and programmes for R&D, technology transfer and commercialisation, and for the development of new technology-based industry; backed up by adequate support facilities and suitable institutional mechanisms. The important factors for successful commercialisation of technology include S&T capability, market demand and an agent (an Entrepreneur) which transforms this capability into goods and services, to satisfy such demand. For the technological self reliance, developing countries should encourage academic and research institutions to undertake activities on technology transfer and commercialisation through appropriate policy decisions with greater flexibility wherever required. To deliberate on various issues concerning the technology transfer and its commercialisation, the NAM S&T Centre, in partnership with the Pardis Technology Park (PTP), Tehran, Iran organised an International Training Workshop on ‘Commercialisation of Technology’ during 23-26 May 2016 at PTP, which brought the scientists, experts and professionals engaged in R&D, policy making and implementation to a common platform for re-assessing and up-gradation of their skills and sharing views and experiences in the transfer and commercialisation of technology. The Tehran Training Workshop was attended by 26 senior professionals from 20 NAM countries, including Cambodia, Cuba, Ghana, India, Iraq, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Togo, Venezuela, Zambia and Zimbabwe and the host country Iran. The present book edited by Ms. Sheikha Al Akhzami, Acting Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department at Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman is a follow up of the above Training Workshop and comprises 14 papers by the authors from 9 countries covering several important issues related to commercialisation of technologies.