Postharvest Management of Fruits and Vegetables
V K Joshi
  • ISBN : 9789386546395
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The book is the culmination of the efforts of contributions by eminent scientists. A lot of textual matter with illustrative practical exercises have been added to make the book more useful. Broadly the book has been divided into 8 sections: Section 01: Postharvest Management of Fruits and Vegetables Section 02: Preservation and Processing Technology Section 03: Production of Health Foods Section 04: Fermented Foods Section 05: Fruits and Vegetables Waste Utilization Section 06: Production of Additives Section 07: Quality, Safety and Marketing of Fruits and Vegetable Products Section 08: Practical's Chapters on different aspects of the subject matter covered include postharvest losses, loss reduction technology, handling, maturity indices, postharvest treatments, fruit and vegetable processing aspects, juice processing, drying, extrusion cooking, osmotic dehydration, technology for production of mushroom products, technology for production of health foods, indigenously fermented food products, flavour production technology, fermentation technology for wine production, lactic fermented beverages, latest technique of analysis, application of enzymes in food processing, biotechnology in food processing, juice concentration technology, sensory evaluation of food, processing waste utilization technology, oil extraction methodology, ready – to- eat product preparation, confectionary preparation, quality assurance, food safety and standard authority of India, project preparation, e-marketing of processed products, etc. The book in short has something for everybody related to the fields of Handling, Packaging, Processing, Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables