Technology of Gum Rosins, Its Derivatives and Industrial Applications With Processing
Himadri Panda
  • ISBN : 9788193563717
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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The Book covers following chapters: Rosin: Major Sources, Properties and various Application, Major Applications of Rosin and Derivatives, Rosin-Based Surfactants, Synthesis of Bio-based Corrosion Inhibitors Based On Rosin (Preparation of Non Ionic Surfactants), Manufacturing of a bio-based epoxy, Graft copolymer of chitosan with poly[rosin -(2-acryloyloxy)ethyl ester, Cationic Surfactants Based on Rosin as Corrosion Inhibitor (Preparing of Maleopimaric acid, rosin diethylaminoethyl ester, rosin catonic surfactants), Azo-dye Diamines and Rosin Derivative, Liquid crystal bio-based epoxy coating, Water Soluble Nonionic Rosin Surfactants, Novel Rosin-Based Biomaterials for Pharmaceutical Coating (Preparation of Coated Pellets), Renewable Degradable Rosin Acid-caprolactone Block Copolymers, Renewable Rosin-fatty Acid Polyesters, Novel Rosin Containing Pentablock Copolymers, Degradable-vegetable Oil Based Polyesters, Polymethacrylate Containing Photoreactive Abietic Acid Moiety, Synthesis of New Polyurethane Coating 174 Based On Rosin, Hydrogenated rosin epoxy methacrylate, Synthesized and Chacterisation Polymeric Materials Based On Coconut Oil, Rosin & Maleic Anhydrides, Rosin-Derived Polyamide as Epoxy Curing Agent, Antifouling paint binders: Rosin-based systems, Synthesis and biological evaluation of abietic acid derivatives, Polyvinyl alcohol-modified, rosin-based, resinfortified emulsion polymer, Rosin-Fatty Acid Styrene-Acrylic Polymers, New route to 15-hydroxydehydroabietic acid derivatives, Copolymer of Styrene and Rosin and Esters, Rosin Modified Unsaturated Polyester, Modified Rosin, Rosin Monomaleimides.