Technological Initiatives for Women Empowerment
Edited by G. Savithri, P Sujathamma and P Neeraja
  • ISBN 13 : 9788193753729
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
Contents: 1. Conservation of biological diversity: a tool for women empowerment/J. Kamakshamma, L Sudhira and P. Nagajyothi. 2. Organic Agriculture for Women’s Empowerment/G. Fareeda and M. Nagalakshmi Devamma. 3. Empowerment of Rural Women through ICT/K.S. Shanthi Sree, A. Suvarna Latha and Prof. K. Nagalakshmamma. 4. A Role of Women in Sustainable Organic Agriculture/Durga Prameela. G and M. Nagalakshmi Devamma. 5. Pharmaceutical Technology for Sustainable Development of Women/Prof. B. Sailaja. 6. Ancient Technology for the Health of a Modern Woman: The Ayurvedic Way/S. Gnana Prasuna, and B. Harinatha Chary. 7. Information and Communication Technology to Support Women Telecommuters/K. Usha Rani and K. Hemalatha. 8. An Overview of Sustainable Development of Women in Aquaculture and its Improvement of Economic Status/P. Naga Jyothi, K. Praveenkumar and J. Kamakshamma. 9. Social Media and Women Entrepreneurs/N. Rajani. 10. Tasar Silkworm Culture: A Tool for Tribal Women Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation/Sujatha kuntamalla, Sathish Janga and Anitha Jirra. 11. Gender Sensitive Technologies for Sustainable Development/P. Neeraja. 12. Women Empowerment through Apiculture/M. Nagalakshmi Devamma and G. Fareeda. 13. Women Empowerment through Government Policies/A. Suvarna Latha, K. S. Shanthi Sree and Prof. K. Nagalakshmamma. 14. Small Scale Industries: A Special Reference to Empowerment of Women Employment in Backward Areas of South India/L. Sudhira, J. Kamakshamma. 15. Vanya Sericulture: A Tool for Empowerment of Women/Prof. D. Bharathi. 16. Technology and Women Empowerment/A. Kusuma and Ms. G. Srivani. 17. Women in New Emerging Trends of Information Technology/Prof. S. Jyothi and P. Bhargavi. 18. Sericulture Technologies for Sustainable Empowerment of Rural Women/Prof. G. Savithri and Prof. P. Sujathamma. 19. Microbial Technology for Sustainable Development of Rural Women/Ch. M. Kumari Chitturi. Countries need to open up opportunities to bring more women to science and technology, thereby producing a critical mass of scientifically skilled women. The Governments and policy makers need to be drafted policies to empower women through education and employment especially in the fields of science and technology. Over the years Indian women have overcome the traditional mind-sets and have excelled in professions like teaching, medicine, engineering, information technology, biotechnology, nuclear science, space science and many such specialized fields in the domain of science and technology. Their contribution to socio-economic development as an employer and employee, getting recognized and honored in public, private sectors. Still the gender technology gap persists in a majority of developed and developing countries. Women are not having access to professional and income opportunities. In addition, we are missing out on the enormous potential that women represent because they are not participating in how the science and technology sectors are being designed and how they will affect the life of a country. This book on 'Technological Initiatives for Women Empowerment' is an attempt to understand the role of Science and Technology in empowering women, women's representation and their contribution to the field, Its impact on women and need for evolution of gender friendly technologies etc.