Technological Advances in Enhancing Productivity of Salt Affected Soils (2 Volumes Set)
Edited by P Masilamani, K Arulmozhiselvan and P Balasubramaniam
  • ISBN : 9789391734039
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The productivity of cultivable lands in India is declining year by year, thereby expanding the extent of low productive soils. Consequently majority of farmers´┐Ż income is also decreasing in low productive and problem soils. It is the need of the hour to steadily increase the output of low productive soils by implementing appropriate technological approaches for realizing assured profit of farmers over years. Among low productive soils, saline/ alkaline soils are prevalent in arid inland and coastal regions. These soils relatively have high potentiality for improvement in productivity. For bringing out awareness on the technologies generated so far for enhancing productivity of salt affected soils the present book compilation has been made for helping scholars, scientists and farm entrepreneurs. Subject covered in the book are extensive and the contributors were from various institutes of ICAR, Govt. of India, State Agricultural Universities and the like. The information collected as reviews have been presented in the chapters covering the extent of salt affected soils, crop varieties adaptable to salinity and sodicity, seed-soil relationship, salt tolerant mechanisms in crops, management of field constraints, methodologies for measuring soil and crop parameters, solution for handling poor quality irrigation water, newer remote sensing tools for large area assessment and decision making, weather forecasting, tackling crop pests and diseases by biological methods and well evolved technological approaches in raising farm productivity, including alternate strategies of increasing farmers income. On the whole in the book there will be a solution for every constraint faced with salt affected soils within the chapters.