Teaching Learning Strategies in Higher Education
Edited by Dr Kandi Kamala
  • ISBN : 9789353242312
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Teaching and learning practice will focus on four core areas i.e., on global networking and interdisciplinary collaboration, research, innovation, and academic publishing, higher education development and capacity building, and human rights and social justice. Transforming the knowledge base relevant to learning into effective and efficient teaching and training practices. This book describes one segment of it which has become influential within higher education and derives from research into student learning. This book will be helpful to develop skills, understanding the strategies in teaching, learning and assessment in face to face teaching. This book also highlights on digital and online learning and to develop the skills in this area through direct hands-on experience work with colleagues across the globe, in a community of practice. As a key performance indicator in university quality assurance processes, the retention of students in their studies is an issue of concern world-wide. Implicit in the process of quality assurance is quality improvement. In this volume, we examine student retention from a teaching and learning perspective, in terms of teaching and learning approaches that have an impact on students' decisions to continue with or withdraw from their studies. The major need is to engage students in their studies, and in this volume we discuss ways that student involvement in higher education can be facilitated through the teaching and learning programme in higher education currently. The idea of approaches to learning and studying has led to powerful influence on both theory and practice related to teaching and learning in higher education. This book will help teachers and students and policy makers to create a new vision for framing curriculum in the Indian higher education under the changed ground realities.