TEA MITES OF THE WORLD (Diversity, Bioecology, Management)
Salil K Gupta and Kinkar Saha
  • ISBN : 9789382258261
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Tea is one of the industry oriented and commercially important plantation crops growing in over 60 countries of the world and that is transacting over US dollar 7 billionper year. Out of this amount, the major share belongs to countries like China, India, Sri Lanka and Kenya. It is a most common beverage enjoyed by members of all ages and all societies. As per one estimate, about 40 billion cups of tea are drank everyday throughout the world. Tea is attacked by many pests and those do substantial economic loss to the planters. Among the tea pests, mites are considered to be the second most injurious pests, especially the Red Spider Mite (RSM) which causes 11-55% crop loss. the value of which turns out to be US dollar 500 million- 1 billion per year. Although some books are availabole on insect pest of tea but no book comprising consolidated information on various aspects of tea mites under one cover is available. Keeping that om voew. a humble attempt has been made by the authors to collect various information on basic and applied aspects on tea mites and include those in this book. This is the first book of its kind from the world. It is believed that this book will help the tea planters and researches in the world. Besides diversity of tea mites and their natural enemies from the world, several other aspects like biology, seasonal occurrence, management with conventional and traditional methods, organic tea cultivation and IPM etc.